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Our Dog101 Design reactive lead is designed to give you control and help when you need it.  The main clip is a screw locking clip so you cannot accidentally undo it.  It is connected to a swivel so the first point cannot twist at the halter or training device.  There is a second attachment which can than be shortened or extended to reach harnesses or collars so that you always have 2 different points of connection.  There is the first felt lined handle close to the end for large dogs.  From here a swivel is attached just in case your dog loses it and spins around so the lead does not wrap around your hand.  Above this is a felt lined handle so you can get low down control on the lead.  At the end of the lead is a D ring and another felt lined handle.  These are made in Brisbane and designed based on how we train reactive dogs for clients to get control quickly and safely, or for those who want the extra safety of being extra connected. 1.5M long or 0.9M Long

Green Reactive Lead

PriceFrom $70.00
  • Designed and Made in Brisbane by Dogtraining101

  • May be Silver or Black

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