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  • Spray on formula that prevents destructive chewing and biting habits of horses and dogs.
  • 5OOml.

Horse Applications:

  • Tail and Mane Chewing; Crib-Biting; Rug Chewing; Wood Chewing; Windsucking; Eating Bedding or Sand; Bandage Biting. Apply to stable ledges, door tops, tails, fences, gates, stalls, blankets and external parts of bandages.

Dog & Puppy Applications:

  • Bandage Chewing; Door Frame Chewing; Eating Bedding; Lead Chewing; Kennel Chewing; Chewing Household Objects. Apply to Kennel entrances, door frames, footwear and other objects chewed by dogs and pups.

Crib Stop 500ml

SKU: DT1068
  • 500ml

  • Australia

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